Saturday, 6 September 2014

Tizen - A New Operating System By Samsung

Tizen - A New Operating System By Samsung. The company might cut its ties with Google’s Android operating system because the company has decided to launch World’s 1st Smartphone based on ‘Tizen... Read More

eBay Attack was one of the largest cyber attacks

According to reports, attack on eBay was one of the largest cyber attacks. Millions of eBay users have had their email, home addresses, passwords, and mobile numbers with some other important information stolen in the biggest cyber attack… Read More

Ford Mondeo 2014 - Most Sophisticated Engine

The brand new Ford Mondeo 2014 is sufficiently small enough due to the cylinder block to fit over a sheet of A4 paper. It will manage almost seventy miles/gallon on highways... Read More about Ford Mondeo 2014

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Samsung SDS Building Caught Fire in South Korea

Samsung users from around the globe have been claiming the error messages on their cellphones, tabs and Smart TV... Read More

Facebook has 100 Million Users in India

India has become the 2nd state after the US to cross the milestone of 100 million users, according to social networking firm... Read More

Microsoft To Launch Folder Sharing and Bonus Storage Similar to Dropbox

Microsoft has announced its OneDrive rebranding of SkyDrive and apparently the service will soon debut with some new additions. According to LiveSide, OneDrive will offer up to... Read More

Why Flappy Bird Removed?

Flappy Bird are being listed for as much as $20,000 on popular online shopping website eBay today after the game was removed. Flappy Bird.. Read More